About us

cph is the abbreviation for Copenhagen and the name reflects our Scandinavian roots. The first multi-brand cph-store opened in 2000 in Bern, the second 2007 in Zurich and of course it all started with us, us two, who found ourselves sitting next to each other on a flight to India. One of the many miracles of our lives. Mette, born and bought up in Denmark, graduate of the Kolding School of Design and me, Johnson, Swiss of Indian origin. I will leave you to find out what I studied and was doing at that time. Anyway when we got married we never ever dreamt of running a store. Then cph happened. Another miracle and the start of an adventure. We soon discovered that dressing people was something like our calling as a couple.

For many years we followed the traditional business model. We bought clothes from designers and sold them in our stores. That was not a bad thing but Mette wanted to get close to the handwork she had been taught and closer to the needs of women and men that bought our clothes. That was the start of our label KLÆR – an old Danish word for ‘dressed’. The KLÆR concept:  Prime Fabrics – Limited Edition – Best Price Performance. We produce KLÆR in Switzerland, Italy and India. We are working at a second label – ‘the cph-collection’ – which will also have men’s wear.

You will continue to find other labels in our stores. Few and all very carefully chosen. Discover Alberto Fasciani shoes or Stephanie Ceasaire bags. Both exclusive in cph.

Please excuse my gettting a little preachy but Mette and I know people buying all the right things to eat and drink but dress as if our cities and towns were jungles or as if we were on an eternal hike – it’s all sneakers and functional wear and bought cheap. Life ist too short, they say, for bad wines. We think for bad clothes too.

You are beautiful. Dress well!  It’s not about vanity. It’s an expression of value. Life is infinitely valuable and so are you.

You are unique. Believe me, you don’t need any label to make you unique, not even ours.

You are treasured. It’s our joy and privilege to dress you.