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Climate change? Ist it real? I really am at my wits’ end. I don’t know (call me an agnostic in this regard) and I really don’t care if Anna’s work hangs in Al Gore’s office or not and I leave the battle tot he believers and deniers. I only know in Switzerland summers are hotter than they were, Christmases are without snow most years in the plains (this one too), and glaciers are being dressed to prevent melt. Well, so my common sense tells me something’s going on. Something’s not right.

How could it be? In Denmark for example (and it is a global world we now live in): H&M collected 1’450 tons of used clothing since 2013. In the same period 58 tons of brand new clothing with price tags were delivered to the refuse incineration plant in Roskilde to be burnt. Bestseller (owners of Vero Moda and Jack and Jones) admit that they also burn 49 odd tons of clothes, shoes and bags a year. Want it more exact? 97’257 pieces of clothing, 7’552 pairs of shoes, 2’748 handbags in the last 2 years. Source: Politiken 15. October 2017. These are labels that people buy without blinking an eye!

Nobody I know wants to leave the world to giant corporations like these and imagine if nobody shopped there… I admit, I am a dreamer.

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