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Just back from the Milan Fashion Week. I have come to love Milan like I have come to love grappa. Milan is an acquired taste. But now I have discovered those hidden gems, those nooks and corners that are off the beaten track. There the city reveals its true secrets and there are shades of India everywhere like in all of Italy and that’s perhaps one of the reasons I am an Italophile. I ate at this place the first night – Mani Bistrot. Large windows looking on to a busy street but otherwise not much of Danish ‘hygge’. I left paying the check at the counter. The young man who turned out to be the owner had served me all evening and wanted to know how we had fared. I said, well I am leaving with an aching bum otherwise you have done well. Your wooden bistrot chair – you would have to pay me to sit on it again. Have you heard of cushions? He says: I’ll bring cushions. E la mia parola! Please come again. So we want back the next evening and lo and behold there were cushions and that risotto that was just as spectacular as the day before. That’s Milan for you, And then there was Noemi who was a part of the service team again. That is another story.

Skirt – Heartmade Denmark / Turtleneck  – Sibin L. Denmark / Boots – The Last Conspiracy Denmark / Bag – Stefanie C. France / Coat – Heartmade Denmark


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