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It is eight in the evening and we have ordersheets, images, numbers spread out on the restaurant table and a bottle of wine to calm my frayed nerves after a day at the fair and in showrooms. I can’t keep those images or forms or numbers for long. Mette is different. She has a photographic memory for colors, shapes, images. She can put collections she has seen weeks, even months later together. What did I feel when I saw that dress, skirt, shoe first time today? Do I still feel drawn to it? It boils down to snippets of rationality and an ocean of desirability. In the circles I grew up in desire was to be muzzled and above all trained to be a servant of the spirit. My folks were totally unaware that Doctor Freud had been kind of on their side: ‘Where the Id was, there shall the Ego be’. The desire to have control over desire. Buddha preached his first sermon a few miles from the home I grew up in and I have sat often in the Deer Park pondering this: The cause of all suffering is desire. Truly?
Anyway, in all of our permutations silent hands serve us unobtrusively. I want a name. She says: Noemi!

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