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Ssurprised i was to see them in the store and she said, we’ve been all over high street for a winter coat and the junk turned us off. saw the coat with the yellow in your window. rahel left with the coat. bernhard, her boyfriend found it looked stunning on her. and before they left i asked how old they were. eighteen and in the last year of school! what hope for the world when young can see junk and say no!

two others had been in just earlier. seventy plus i would guess. he had seen the rust coloured coat in the window and thought it magnificent. she tried it after being coaxed and he said, let me buy it for you. love to see you in it. i am deeply touched. and then i hear her say, i do not want it, i don’t need it, i will not wear it. what bitterness! when love turns cold life becomes hopeless.