In the latest edition of the best shopping guide for Zurich ‘Zürich kauft ein 2019 – 2020’ I am called “one of the most stylish men in Zurich”. I find it humbling realizing style cannot just be strung on our body. It must be born in  the heart und is rooted in love and justice and goodness. I spends hours in coversation with Mette about form and color and fabrics and in beween working in the store and at the production of the label KLAER I give talks ( recently on ‘Morality and Immorality in a Multioptional Society’) and get folks married and baptize children and stuff like that. I know, not everybody’s thing.

In Zurich on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

  • likes - Chillies in almost everything, flat Denmark, my bed when it rains as in the monsoon, my fireplace when it snows, travelling in trains, drinking in planes, singing at funerals, the mystery of women
  • dislikes - Temperatures over 30, old men in Ferraris, young women with brown handbags with 2 alphabets, miserly human beings. cosmetic surgery