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I sat looking at the sketches and Mette sat explaining the more intricate aspects of pattern cutting. I didn’t catch on one bit. How can you not see it? Sorry Mette, but I just can’t and I found myself loosing it. I can lecture on the three premises of every ethics on the earth but pattern making? I admit my skills are few and my weaknesses many.
So the cph-experience is teaching me new stuff and it is exciting to learn what it takes to make a single piece of clothing.
I watched Mette make her first dress design-sketches for our collection KLAER during the last months. When I see her draw I must admit I am spellbound.
The sketches were sent to our pattern cutter Simone. Simone converted the drawings into a paper pattern and the paper pattern into a toile. Toile is the technical word for a first sample in calico or muslin. We got our toiles last week.
Dress here – Betty toile in size 38. Mette here at fitting and style improvements on the toile. We just sent it back to Simone who will rework the pattern.
Mette gives all her styles a name. It is as if every piece has a soul. This is BETTY. Look forward to BETTY in cph in May/June 2017 or then in July/august. That has a reason. More next time.

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