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The cph-year usually starts with a bang. Mette first hit upon on calling it CRAZY DAYS (and since others around us have copied the slogan!) – clothes and shoes at giveaway prices. It is all about emptying our warehouse and liquidity.
Every time Mette and I walk into the warehouse we are reminded of how complex the business that we are in is.
Firstly, years into the business and we are still learning to buy the right thing and the right quantity. There is no textbook, no manual, no handbook to learn it from. Just experience and you pay a dear price for it. Well, the empiricist in us rejoices – all knowledge is born out of experience.
And second. We end up with surplus because inspite of knowing the foul truth about fast fashion (Watch the documentary “The True Cost “– Price for clothing sinking for decades and the costs for humanity and environment dramatically increasing) fast fashion continues to grow and the readiness to pay the true price of clothing shrinks and shrinks.
So we end up with these CRAZYDAYS at the beginning of the year when we get the remains of the last seasons out. The truth is that it makes no financial sense but it makes us truly happy to see we can give a little back to our many loyal clients and that many who cannot otherwise shop in cph (we do know that not everybody has the financial means to buy cph clothes and shoes) have a chance to. That really is great.
But the truth is that 2017 is a call for us to rethink what we do. More to come. And don’t freeze!

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