agonist blue north eau de parfum 50 ml

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It is cold outside and wind passes over dreamy white hills. The scenery is wrapped in bright white, snow as far as the sight reaches – it seems as soft waves which bathed the landscape would be frozen at the snip of a finger. The perfect harmony. Above an endless blue sky. Blue North by AGONIST unfolds cooling and stimulating with a spicy note and reveals the mystery and beauty of the cold North. It is an olfactory journey that sharpens the view for the essential things – clearly and directly! True “Nordics” sleep with the windows open at night. The body protected by a thick blanket that stays fresh and clear through the cool breeze. Blue North is exactly this feeling. Fresh, cool notes of spearmint and ginger mingle with the gentle warmth of fine woods, spices and vanilla-wrapped musk.


Cardamom, Rosemary Pure, Spearmint


Mint, Orris, Fresh Ginger Roots, Heliotrope


White Cedar, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Musk


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