agonist say yes eau de parfum 50ml

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SAY YES reveals its precious essence and we are instantly captivated! Supported by a sensual-intensive base of mysterious oud, wrapped in warming amber and smooth sandalwood, the composition captivates with an almost lascivious, yet elegant, and intoxicatingly intense, oriental aura. The full, creamy, enveloping aroma of Madagascar vanilla combined with exotic frangipani and velvety jasmine enhances the intensity and warmth of the perfume and adds an irresistible gourmand accent to the creation. A hint of hazelnut, aromatic fig and an invigorating splash of bergamot provide freshness and spiciness in the top note, harmoniously complementing the composition. A fascinating fragrance for men and women that lasts longer than conventional perfumes thanks to a lower alcohol content and a higher proportion of the highest quality ingredients. On the skin the fine essence develops particularly mildly, softly and uniquely! A fragrance experience full of presence, passion and joie de vivre to which SAY YES!


Bergamot, Hazelnut, Fig


Jasmine, Frangipani, Vanilla


Oud, Amber, Sandalwood

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Düfte beleben, berühren, bezaubern. Sie sind unverzichtbare Bestandteile eines brillanten Auftrittes. Denkt an den höchst bemerkenswerten Satz: Ich kann sie/ihn gut riechen. Wer sich dessen bewusst ist, tut sich nur Gutes mit einem der grossartigen Düfte aus der Agoniste-Kollektion. Das schwedisches Designer-Paar hat Düfte geschaffen, die lange haften und stets Leib und Seele erfreuen.